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Social Ads is a Media Agency specialized in the development and implementation of media strategy on social networks since 2014.

With 55% of the world’s population actively using social networks and an exploding advertising supply, many brands are striving to take advantage of this major opportunity.

We want you to optimize your digital growth in whatever form it takes.

We can help you with a variety of issues ranging from boosting brand awareness and visibility, increasing the recruitment of qualified leads, driving traffic to your website, and of course optimizing your conversion rate and driving incremental sales.

Why should you choose Social Ads?

Why should you choose Social Ads?​

Social Ads stands out for :

    Launched 8 years ago, Social Ads has followed the evolution of media campaigns on social media in all types of situations, objectives, industries and business maturity. This experience and knowledge is a guarantee for each of our clients that we implement the appropriate means to respond to their problems.

    During these 8 years, we have implemented our “Social Media Marketing Journey” method which constitutes the theoretical basis of all our campaigns. These are based on many tools developed in-house ranging from account auditing to automated reporting through automation to optimize productivity. Our method and tools meet 3 objectives: performance, productivity and analysis.

    Throughout the life of our partnership with you, you will follow an initial “onboarding” phase and then enter an “ongoing” phase. Each of these phases includes deliverables that will be detailed for you with the following key words: Planning, Test & Learn, Reporting & Optimization, Transparency & Visibility.


We are a human-sized agency. Our characteristics are our reactivity and our strength of proposal. We are an integral part of each client. We stand out for our creativity and the innovations in terms of advertising that we offer our clients so that we are always one step ahead of the competitors.


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Phone: 06 42 72 42 20
12 traverse Canoubier, 13007 Marseille, France​

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